Towers Popping Up Around Data Centers to Power Stock Exchange

Proposals for antennas and small cells are on the rise for a location near CyrusOne, a data center company that stores data for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, among others, reported the Chicago Tribune. And telecoms are trying to get their infrastructure as close as possible to the source.

The exchange located in Aurora, approximately 40 miles outside of the Windy City, feeds the Chicago market, a proximity requirement resulting from the 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. And for telecoms and other companies, being closer to the source results in being able to report trading information that much sooner than others. Regarding the proposals, Lance Malina, Aurora’s acting corporation counsel commented, “It’s all relative to trading.” 

Now, officials are taking a closer look at how they handle infrastructure requests. Last year, the city made license agreements with two companies, Onlight Aurora and Vigilant. But just last week, City Council’s Planning and Development Committee recommended amendments to city ordinances, specifically around public rights-of-way. Any new amendments will affect proposals for regular cell phone use and infrastructure as well.

One of the recommended amendments is to increase the fees for failing to comply with city rules – from $1,000 a day to $50,000 per day, doubling every 10 days. “We hope we’ll have compliance,” said Malina.

August 2, 2017                   


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