Town Packs High School Gym for Broadband Intro


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An eager crowd gathered recently at the Phil Moore Park gymnasium in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It wasn’t a local team stirring up the excitement – it was the arrival of broadband in their community. The Bowling Green Daily News reported on the enthusiastic populace.

An estimated 300 Warren County residents showed up to learn more about broadband services heading their way. “This turnout exceeded our expectations,” said Johnny McClanahan, the president and CEO of North Central Telephone Cooperative (NCTC). “Several hundred people have already gone to our website and said they would sign up for our service. We’ve had people who aren’t even in the test area sign up.”

NCTC first began exploring options in 2017, and is ready to roll connectivity in the designated pilot area. The Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corp has already laid fiber optic cable that will be the jump off point for NCTC’s broadband offering. Four levels of internet service will be offered: 100-megabit for $64.95 per month, 300-megabit for $74.95, 500-megabit for $84.95 and one-gigabit for $94.95.

Those who signed up for the one-gigabit plan at the gymnasium meeting had the $75 installation fee waived. “For every call I’ve gotten from people in the pilot area, I’ve probably gotten 20 from people outside that area,” said Sixth District Magistrate Ron Cummings. “There’s a lot of interest.” 

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