Town Re-evaluates Policies in Onslaught of Tower Applications

Elizabethtown, KY is assessing whether the town can have more say in the placement of towers, as the requests for permits are steadily rising. Since 1999, 12 permits for towers had been issued in “E-Town,” including four this year, according to The News-Enterprise.

According to Councilman Terry Shipp, companies who have installed towers have not done anything wrong, but based on concerns voiced by residents, “We are wondering whether or not we should revisit which rules we have in place.”

The current process does not require a public hearing or approval by the planning commission or the council, if the proper plans are filed, according to Planning and Development Director Ed Poppe. The council knows there are limitations based on FCC guidelines, but they are interested in reviewing their options, according to Shipp. Some officials and residents are concerned with the placement of towers and the impact on aesthetics, and many would like a say in where they are placed. 

Councilman Bill Bennett told The News-Enterprise, “I think we need to take a serious look at where we are allowing cell towers to be built. I am from E-town, I love this town. It is a beautiful city. But these things going up in the city, to me, they are just ugly and I think they are obtrusive. I think we need to take a hard look at where these things are going up.”

Poppe said members of the council have asked to consider the current protocol to assess whether there is a different process the city can use going forward.

October 5, 2017                 


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