Township Council Wants 24 Small Cells in a “Cantennae”

Wireless network coverage continues to expand in New Jersey. Residents of the Township of Bloomfield will soon be the recipient of better coverage once the Bloomfield Township Council officially approves a Verizon Wireless request to install 24 small cells across the municipality. states Mark Bocchieri, a director of external affairs for Verizon, calls the devices “cantennae” because of their resemblance to a can. At a March 13 meeting of the council, the mayor and members expressed approval of the plan, but an official vote will not be held until the public weighs in on the matter.

Official Verizon policy dictates the additional antennas are necessary to maintain acceptable wireless service in municipalities with a population density over 7,111 residents per square mile. The company is seeking to install the infrastructure in the public right-of-way on short utility poles. Maureen Hopkins, a real estate director with the technology company Tilson contracted by Verizon, explained the small cells are necessary because mobile users are demanding more data. Users needing more data will still have to wait while the project seeks final approval. “Nothing can take place until we receive consent from the town,” Bocchieri said. “As soon as the town gives us the authorization, we will move forward with that project.”

March 17, 2017   


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