Trenton Goes From COVID Conspiracy Hoax to Hearing 5G Proposals


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UPDATE Making headlines for buying into 5G COVID-19 conspiracy theories several months ago, Trenton city council officials this week announced support for bringing 5G to New Jersey’s capital. As Inside Towers reported in April, Council President Kathy McBride posted a photo of a cell tower worker wearing a hazmat suit. The post caption read, “5g installation guy wearing a f*#%king hazmat radiation suit.” 

Apparently drinking from the same conspiracy theory pond that was circulating on social media and other media outlets, McBride’s post caused a stir among Trenton’s legislators. According to The Trentonian, city council members employed the opinion of Council Attorney Edward Kologi to research whether the city could enact a ban on 5G. Kologi confirmed the city’s authority to regulate placement of 5G cell towers is limited by the Telecommunications Act of 1996. At-large councilman Santiago Rodriguez reported he doesn’t believe the 5G coronavirus hoax but expressed concern over public health. 

“This is new stuff,” Rodriguez said. “I need more explanations on the potential health impact. That is my concern. Those are radio frequencies, very high frequencies.”

A statement by Mayor Reed Gusciora expressed support for bringing 5G to New Jersey’s capital. According to The Trentonian, Gusciora said AT&T and Verizon will “pay the city for each 5G small cell device they install” and “work with Trenton historians to ensure that important landmarks and historical properties are not disrupted by installations.”

Gusciora further said, “In addition, the administration will ask these companies to work with area schools and colleges to make sure 5G related jobs and training are available to Trenton residents and students.”

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