Two Montreal Cell Towers Set Ablaze Within Twenty Minutes of Each Other


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Two cell towers in Montreal were reportedly set on fire Monday, likely sparked by conspiracy theorists who believe 5G is causing the spread of COVID-19. A third suffered similar vandalism last Friday. CTV News reported a tower technician contacted Quebec police early yesterday morning to report a tower fire in Piedmont after being dispatched to inspect the site for cause related to its malfunction.

“We’re talking about a significant fire,” said a representative of Quebec’s provincial police force.

Twenty minutes after the call came in for the first fire, a second tower located in Prévost, just six miles from the Piedmont site, was also reported ablaze. Identified as a Bell Canada tower, Bell spokesperson Caroline Audet told CTV News they are setting up temporary service measures while working to fully repair the site. “We are investigating the cause with the local fire departments, the Sûreté du Québec and the competing supplier who operated one of the towers. Bell’s equipment was installed on the Prévost site,” said Audet. 

While police said both fires are suspicious and under investigation, the connection to 5G conspiracy theories is likely due to a rise in social media posts claiming 5G technology causes coronavirus. CTV News reported Prévost had “announced via its Facebook page just a day before that there are no 5G towers in the area.”

A Telus Communications spokesperson confirmed their equipment was on the third tower damaged by fires last Friday. “When vital communications infrastructure is destroyed by criminal acts, lives are put at risk by removing the ability for local citizens to call 911,” Telus Communications said. “Our networks are more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis in enabling Canadians to stay connected to their jobs, schools, medical help, government services, and loved ones.”

Conspiracy theorists claim COVID-19 is transmitted through radio waves and that 5G is responsible for the virus’ symptoms. The World Health Organization (WHO) continues to establish its position that no adverse health effects are linked to wireless technology.

All three Montreal towers were confirmed to have 3G and 4G technology, not 5G.

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