U.S.-based Satco Seeks Government Approval to Service India


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US-based Viasat, a global satellite player, recently applied for government approval in India to launch two new satellites and provide advanced broadband capabilities. Illinois News Today reported that in 2020, India’s Minister of Finance stated that the government would create “fair competition for private satellite builders, satellite launchers, and space-based service providers under new space communications policies that affect more predictable regulatory systems.”

Viasat, in partnership with SpaceX and OneWeb, anticipates major advancements in Indian satellite services. According to News Today, another player, Bharti Enterprises, is expected to begin operating satellites in 2022. In addition, Amazon’s Project Kyper will likely enter the marketplace. 

According to Viasat, it hopes to deploy two Ka-band ViaSat-3 satellites currently under construction. Both satellites will operate in the 28 GHz band, which is currently only available to satellite providers in the country (not 5G interests). 

“Continuous access to the entire 28 GHz portion of the Ka-band for satellite broadband is important for connecting individuals left behind the Indian digital divide…We are optimistic about maintaining a broadband solution,” said a spokeswoman for Viasat.

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