Vapor IO and Crown Castle Bring Amazon to the Edge


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Customers of Vapor IO’s first live set of data centers for cell tower-connected edge computing, located in Chicago, can now connect their infrastructure to private network onramps to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

DataCenter Knowledge reported that customers could achieve this by purchasing a connection between a Vapor site and an AWS onramp. The onramps will exist at interconnection sites operated by Vapor and investor Crown Castle.

The new service makes it possible for Vapor’s edge co-location customers to leverage Crown’s fiber network, reported DataCenter Knowledge. Vapor and Crown are working together to connect edge infrastructure to the cloud, reducing latency, long-distance data backhaul costs, sovereignty requirements and in the future, IoT needs.

“Gaming is a huge use case for this,” said Cole Crawford, Vapor’s CEO and founder. “The ability to locally process some amount of the games will massively reduce the latency.”

Vapor’s first live network of edge data centers, called Kinetic Edge, is located in Chicago, which is where the first cloud onramp service will become available. Vapor and Crown plan to roll the same system out in all subsequent Kinetic Edge locations that come online, including Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. The company says it will have more than 20 U.S. metros wired up with Kinetic Edge infrastructure by the end of 2020, and planning for another 80, reported DataCenter Knowledge.

The amount of bandwidth on Vapor’s cloud onramps will vary depending on the market you’re in, but “everything up to 10 Gig (per second) would be possible,” Crawford said. He added that Kinetic Edge networks in metros create an “easy button” for getting to the cloud onramp.

Regarding pricing, Vapor will not charge for physical cross-connects at its sites, said Crawford. However, a user will have to pay Crown and AWS all the standard fees associated with cloud onramps, including cross-connects, backhaul to AWS, and AWS Direct Connect fees.

April 26, 2019

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