Verizon Covers Their Assateague Subscribers


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After several years of planning, the construction of a Verizon tower is underway to bring service to the Assateague and South Point areas in time for the busy summer 2020 season, reported OC Today. The tower is excellent news for many people who are frustrated with Assateague’s dead zone.

“The new cell site will add coverage and capacity for visitors to the island as well as first responders,” said Verizon spokesman David Weissmann.

 “We worked closely with both state and local officials for approvals, and expect the site to be available to Verizon users well in advance of the summer season.” 

Worcester County Commissioner Bud Church said he has received letters from residents, as well as the superintendents of both the state and national parks, recounting the times they could not make a phone call or send a text message due to the dead zone. Church noted that the lack of service is especially dangerous during an emergency.

“Someone would have an injury and try to call for help, and it wouldn’t work,” Church said. The project, which began in March 2017, took time due to three factors – location, proof of need, and funding. State Representatives and the Governor were reluctant to get involved because they didn’t believe Verizon would construct a tower to serve a few hundred residents, per OC Today. The appeals of Church, residents, plus state and national park employees, finally got to Verizon.

November 26, 2019

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