Verizon Finally Co-Locates on AT&T Tower After Five Year Fight


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The DeKalb (IL) Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved a special use permit allowing Verizon Wireless to install antennas on an existing AT&T tower last week after denying the construction of a separate tower. The applicant, Doug Dolan, with Dolan Realty Advisors, said that the tower would have a total of six antennas with the ability to add three more according to the city’s minutes from the meeting.

 Verizon had been petitioning to install antennas since 2014, according to Principal Planner Dan Olsen, and even proposed a 140-foot tower, which was withdrawn due to opposition from neighbors.

Olsen said that Verizon was then encouraged to co-locate on an existing tower. AT&T said their tower was at full capacity.  

A special use permit request was issued after Verizon agreed to remove several unused horn antennas located at the top of the AT&T tower to make room for the installation of their equipment. Dolan added that the new antennas would be installed approximately 125-feet high on the tower and would increase cell service and data speeds in the surrounding area. Additional equipment space and a new protective chain link fence will be added to the site as part of the agreement.

The public hearing saw minimal pushback, with questions regarding health and noise issues and whether the tower could fall over. Some came out in support of the project, “happy the co-location was being pursued.” 

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