Verizon Wants Another Tower, Clarksburg Wants Clarification


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Verizon has proposed variances to a previously installed tower at the former North Adams Country Club in Clarksburg, MA, but the planning board has questions before it can make its decision.

Pittsfield Cellular Telephone Co. proposed the variances at last week’s board meeting, stating that it’s seeking a “special permit under the town’s new wireless communications bylaw,” according to The board has asked for “greater justification” for variances in setback and height of the tower. Additionally, Verizon is asking for a second 125-foot monopole fewer than five miles from the existing one, west of the clubhouse at 641 River Rd. and only 35 feet from another property on land leased from BBD LLC.

Verizon’s attorney said the tower “complies with all the town’s design standards except for two subsections,” and with a setback of 180 feet, he said that the company plans to instead minimize the visual impact of the tower. As planned the tower also will be 20 feet above the tree line, which right now exceeds the minimum. com reported that Clarksburg’s bylaws don’t prohibit towers in close proximity, but do encourage use of existing facilities. A permit can be approved if the applicant can prove that additional towers are needed. The board has asked that at the next meeting that the company explains further its needs in the coverage area and reasons for the extra height.

After a balloon test, Verizon argued that there would be little problem with visibility, and company representatives said that they could do another two-day test if necessary, pending weather and scheduling delays.

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