Verizon Wants Towers for Signal Boosters, Westwood Says Use Existing Poles

Carriers must oftentimes change plans to appease local municipalities, like Verizon’s ongoing discussions with the Westwood Neighborhood Council to improve wireless service in the Los Angeles neighborhood. The Council said no to Verizon’s proposal to build five new small cell structures and told the carrier to instead use existing city infrastructure to install signal boosters, reports the Daily Bruin.

The Council and Westwood Community Design Review Board voted unanimously against Verizon’s proposal on January 11, for concern over the neighborhood aesthetics and precedent it would set for other carriers to install similar equipment in the neighborhood.

“The poles would be very unattractive and make things look junky,” said Council President Lisa Chapman to the Daily Bruin. “They are not in keeping with what the Village looks like.”

The five, thirty-three foot small cells would have been camouflaged to look like street poles. After a discussion with the Los Angeles Department of Public Works, the Council said Verizon could use city property to install signal boosters, provided it pays rent to the City of Los Angeles.

Verizon has not yet agreed to the Council’s request. If it does, it would be the first service provider to pursue such a project in the Westwood neighborhood.

March 13, 2017   


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