Verizon’s “Humanability” Campaign Highlights Technology’s “Good Works”


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It’s no secret that we’re reliant on our mobile devices and Verizon Wireless wants to remind us that they’re a key player in the business, but not just for connecting your calls, texts, and data with the nation. Verizon just released a new ad campaign during NBC’s Sunday Night Football telecast titled “Humanability,” showcasing how the carrier helps businesses, people, and society accomplish many industry-changing good works, reported Marketing Daily.

“When people think of Verizon, they often view us as only a wireless carrier, but the reality is, technology is at the core of everything we do — helping to innovate in telematics, IoT, smart cities, healthcare, food safety and more,” Verizon CMO Diego Scotti, told Marketing Daily. “What we are doing with ‘Humanability’ is bringing the sum of all those parts of our businesses together under one umbrella, and showing how it impacts society — it’s a purpose-driven approach that we’re really proud of.”

The “Humanability” campaign is a part of a multi-tiered strategy for the company to showcase its many facets of business, Scotti says. One of the campaign’s vehicles is film, where Verizon has developed a handful of short stories highlighting the work the company is doing, including installing sensors in roads (“smart asphalt”) and cameras on traffic lights to monitor traffic patterns and reduce idling time and emissions to help the environment, improving healthcare in rural and underserved areas and using connected sensors to monitor food safety.

“Early next year, you’ll see a new series of videos that demonstrate how our technology helps to enable disaster recovery, close the digital divide, grow small businesses and transform digital media — it’s an exciting time for us and the potential of what we can do is unlimited,” Scotti says.

December 5, 2017 

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