Volunteer “Teamwork” Cleanup Protects Tower From Wildfires


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Los Angeles City College (LACC) volunteers united to clear debris near a Verizon cell tower to prevent wildfires from taking down communications. The Plumas News reported that on September 1, ten members of the community cleaned and cleared “hazardous fuels” surrounding the tower. 

Last month, the volunteers experienced a lack of communications when the Susanville area fire brought down service. The group rallied last week out of “shared concern for our vulnerable communications systems in a wildfire,” taking proactive steps to rid their cell tower area from hazardous fire-spreading accelerants. 

The Plumas News reported that board member Steve Fleming organized the project and helped haul away debris. LACC maintenance will assist with removing additional large piles of cuttings and ground debris. Plus, several trees are slated for removal, and the volunteers will continue efforts around the tower until the project is complete. 

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