Vulture Vomit and Excrement Responsible for Denied Tower Permit


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More than 40 citizens attended a public hearing in Poth City, TX last week to oppose an AT&T tower, reported the Wilson County News. Residents vehemently opposed the project being built by Skyway Towers, even presenting bags of vulture vomit to make their points.

After Skyway began construction near a residential area with no advance notice, neighbors investigated the situation.

 They found that Skyway was issued a regular building permit instead of completing the process for a specific use permit needed to construct a tower.

According to the County News, Mayor Chrystal Eckel issued a “stop work” order as soon as the issue was discovered. At the public hearing, resident Jesse James passed out the bags of vulture vomit to each council member and the mayor. He then explained the health hazards of vultures on communication towers. 

Claims were made that “buzzards throw up in defense,” and “the poop and vomit are all over the towers and as far as 200 feet away.” James’ business partner Warren James commented that vultures are naturally attracted to these towers, and citizens’ health would be put at risk if one is built in the middle of Poth.

Other attendees voiced their concerns over health effects from the tower, especially on children, plus noise pollution, plus safety and negative impact on property values. Representatives from Skyway presented information about the proposed tower and its benefits, but residents said better service isn’t needed.

Regarding Skyway Towers’ application for the specific use permit, it was unanimously denied based on “the odors, debris, and feces of the buzzards and the undesirable hazardous condition that could happen.” Councilman Chuck Morris added “interference with reasonable use and enjoyment” to the motion. The County News reported Mayor Eckel anticipates an appeal from Skyway Towers.

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