Wi-Fi Alliance Calls EasyMesh a ‘Self-Organizing, Smart’ Wi-Fi Network


The Wi-Fi Alliance introduced Wi-Fi Certified EasyMesh, what it’s calling an efficient, self-organizing network that delivers a broad footprint of uniform Wi-Fi service. The alliance has certified the technology, to deploy adaptable networks comprised of multiple access points from different vendors, extend uniform Wi-Fi coverage and enhance performance throughout a larger service area than is possible with a single access point.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh allows users and service providers to select interoperable devices across different brands to ensure fast, wide, and reliable Wi-Fi coverage, according to the announcement.

After the initial simple setup, Wi-Fi EasyMesh monitors network conditions and self-adapts as needed. The product guides smartphones, tablets, and other user devices to the optimal access point, enabling a seamless experience, even when moving throughout the home.

“Wi-Fi EasyMesh offers service providers and Wi-Fi users a consistent approach to multiple AP solutions,” said Wi-Fi Alliance President/CEO Edgar Figueroa. “Wi-Fi Alliance is delivering a standardized solution to a market-leading product category enabling a strong ecosystem for interoperable, Wi-Fi Certified devices.”

May 16, 2018

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