WIA’s Adelstein Cites Industry As ‘The Foundation For 5G’ At Conference


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wirelesconnectconfJonathan Adelstein, President and CEO of the Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA), delivered a keynote address yesterday at the inaugural Wireless Connect conference held at the University of Maryland. He discussed the challenges that stand before the wireless industry as it pushes forward toward the widespread deployment of 5G wireless networks.

The organizer of Wireless Connect, Dr. Rikin Thakker, Founder and CEO of RF Academics said, “We wanted to bring together the best and brightest from all parts of the wireless industry to create a real collaborative environment for professionals and entrepreneurs to work together and share the ideas that will drive mobile communications for years to come. All members of the wireless ecosystem will need to work together with a high degree of coordination in order for the mobile networks to keep pace with the ongoing demand for increased wireless capacity.”

“There’s a lot at stake,” Adelstein told the audience of wireless professionals, government officials and academics. “Today’s wireless infrastructure provides the foundation upon which the wireless industry will deliver the Internet of Things, 5G, and the applications, services, and jobs that will fuel the U.S. economy for years to come.”

Adelstein described what he calls a “wireless data crunch,” in which mobile network capacity needs to keep up with the constantly growing demand for more and more data.

“We need to make sure network capacity keeps up with rising demand,” he continued. “Wireless infrastructure immediately addresses the wireless data crunch – as soon as it’s built. But we know — all too well – more infrastructure takes time.”

Some of the more pressing issues before the wireless industry include removing certain regulatory obstacles on federal, state and local levels, as well as ensuring that a skilled workforce is available to do build the mobile broadband networks. Adelstein said it’s important that government and industry work together to ensure wireless carriers have the spectrum, backhaul and fronthaul they need to deliver the bandwidth to communities.

“Wireless infrastructure isn’t just about what we build,” Adelstein added. “It’s really about what we enable. Wireless is essential to economic growth, productivity and job creation for the entire nation. The demand for data isn’t slowing down. We need mobile broadband for public safety, health care, education, entertainment, and business – and you name it.”

Wireless Connect also featured Dr. Derek Peterson, Chief Technology Officer of Boingo Wireless, a presentation by Dr. Thakker on 5G and a number of panels focusing on all aspects of the wireless ecosystem – from smart cities to a smarter workforce.

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