Wireless Edge With the Win


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Edging out six competitors, Wireless Edge has won the contract to construct a cell tower in Purcellville, Virginia, reports the Loudoun Times. The new structure will occupy a site on the grounds of the Basham Simms Water Treatment Facility. There are three sites under consideration on the property. A final decision depends, in part, on a balloon study that will gauge the visual impact of a 156-foot tower on the landscape. 

John Arthur, president and CEO of Wireless Edge, and Ed Dawson, vice president of site development made a presentation to the Town Council to discuss the project. Wireless Edge has a history of working on government properties and has been in business since 1998. Specific details of the agreement with the vendor have not yet been released as a final agreement is pending. However, AT&T is one of several carriers that have already been approached as a possible service provider. C

Mayor Kwasi Fraser said that he would like to see construction begin as quickly as possible. Arthur concurred, saying “It is in our best interest to do this as quickly as possible. So we want to get the process going. I don’t really see any issues or surprises. It’s a clean site, with easy access and no trees to take down. I don’t see any environmental issues. We should go through this process pretty briskly. We have had sites up and running in a couple of months.” 

While the agreement with Wireless Edge is not yet set, Purcellville Town Manager David Mekarski noted that, “They clearly won the competition, and we have been exchanging draft contracts. We are almost completed. We have every bit of confidence we will succeed and we will be bringing it to council to execute the contract.” 

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