Wireless Reaches Its Waterloo


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After several postponements, the City Council of Waterloo, WI has approval for AT&T to move ahead with plans for a new cell tower.  The Courier reports that AT&T would both build and operate the 190-foot monopole, which would be located in Waterloo Firemen’s Park.  AT&T will still need to obtain a conditional use permit to proceed with construction.

Representing AT&T, Daniel Kalina said that the tower was needed to improve emergency service response services and provide a better wireless signal for residents.  A proposed monthly payment of $790 would earn Waterloo $9,480 per year to put into its park account. It is anticipated that the lease agreement would run for five years with a five-year automatic renewal option.  A note went out to the community regarding the cell tower, and only one dissenter spoke up.  

Calling the tower a safety hazard, resident Catherine Kleiber said, “I am in contact with people across the country and around the world who have been injured by radiation emitted by wireless technology, including towers like what you have proposed to be installed in Firemen’s Park.”  Disputing her claim, Mayor Robert Thompson responded, “With all due respect, you are obviously biased against it [the cell tower]. Who is to say that your information here isn’t biased?” Backing the mayor, Kalina added, “The FCC and major health institutions have not been able to find a link with radio frequency signals and diverse health effects, including cancer.  At the end of the day we’ll have to agree to disagree, but there has been no plausible link established.”

A general discussion followed, and it was noted that the Firemen’s Park location was selected with safety concerns in mind as it is not in a residential neighborhood.  Additionally, the tower would not be required to be lit.

January 21, 2019

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