Wireless Supply: Focusing on In-Building, DAS and Small Cell Markets


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Founded by industry professionals four years ago, Wireless Supply focuses on the in-building, DAS and small cell markets. With engineers at the helm, superior quality products are required for each project, and Wireless Supply manufactures and offers those products at wholesale prices.

“Before founding Wireless Supply, a group of us, all engineers, identified a way to improve upon products needed in the wireless sector,” said Jeff Hall, General Manager at Wireless Supply and industry veteran, with 37 years of experience. “We decided to manufacture extremely high-quality products that are also competitively priced.”

At Wireless Supply, a network of engineers and technical staff, with a combined experience of 100 years, develop designs for manufacturing iDAS, oDAS, and small cell technology that solve problems for customers that no one else wants to tackle.

“We do some things that no one else wants to do. Although many of our projects are technically challenging, our company is smaller and nimbler, so we can react to these types of scenarios to help our clients,” said Hall.

Wireless Supply manufactures the following product lines:

  • Antennas
  • Connectors and Adaptors
  • Passive Devices (Couplers/Combiners/Splitters/Filters)
  • Fiber Cable and Accessories
  • Installation Tools and Supplies
  • Low PIM Jumper Assemblies
  • RF Cable

Wireless Supply has worked with carriers to solve some significant issues with products that no one else has at their disposal. “We’re proud that our rack-mounted filter type products have solved major carrier issues when deploying DAS systems,” said Hall. “We’ve taken a concept of a simple hybrid combiner and allowed companies to build DAS systems without the need for extra, unnecessary, wires.”

At Wireless Supply, the engineers are always asking “what if?” According to Hall, the company is continually trying to add value and thinking ahead and beyond the current state of wireless technological advances.

After a three-year period of full out, all-hands-on-deck explosion with DAS and quasi-small cell deployments ahead of 5G, what’s on the horizon for Wireless Supply? “We still don’t know what products will be available for 5G or how it’s going to be deployed, but we think the next three years will see continued expansion of DAS – indoor and outdoor,” said Hall. “We’re eager to work on events, venues, and more to help usher in the next generation of wireless connectivity.”

For a company focused in the in-building, DAS and small cell markets, the way they do business matters. “Our tagline and our logo say it all for us – higher standards and superior quality. That’s the mantra we live by daily,” said Hall.

Wireless Supply is located in Nebraska and has representatives throughout the USA. To learn more or get in touch, visit www.wirelesssupply.com.

By Keara Piekanski for Inside Towers

October 17, 2018