Wireless Supply: “Go Green” With Higher Standards and Superior Quality


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Wireless Supply, a manufacturer of cable and components for the wireless communications industry, has been providing high-quality products for the DAS and small cell markets since 2015. However, the expertise at Wireless Supply goes back much farther, spanning decades.

Jeff Hall, one of the company’s founders and General Manager, has been involved in the telecommunications industry for 38 years, the only industry he’s worked in since graduating from college. 

I was around before cell phones were commercially available and even worked with the original cell phone manufacturers,” Hall said.  “When cell phones ‘turned on’ in 1983, I was a part of it!”

This same excitement is apparent in what Wireless Supply brings to its customers, focusing on quality, solving challenges, and remaining an agile organization.

“We refer to custom projects as ‘what ifs,’ encouraging customers to communicate to us how they need a product to perform, even if it’s not yet on the market,” said Hall. “Because of these ‘what if’ projects, we’ve been able to build a product to solve one customer’s challenge and that same product has turned into a staple for Wireless Supply because other customers are facing the same issues. This is all made possible because we listen to our customers, react to their needs, and build them the equipment they need to solve challenges.”   

When it comes to setting themselves apart, Hall notes that the availability of products is a differentiator. Wireless Supply has inventory to support customer needs and can supply products promptly.

“What’s our lead time? If it’s in stock, we can deliver today,” said Hall. “In fact, beyond product inventory, we’ve even gone from concept to production to delivery within three weeks so a customer could meet their deadline. We’re truly committed to solving challenges for our customers,” Hall added.

Wireless Supply’s culture has a lot to do with their success; it’s the “can do” attitude of employees that enables everyone in the company to become part of the solution, according to Hall.

“There’s a consistent message and thought process when it comes to helping clients: how can we make the customer’s life easier by providing them what they need?” said Hall. “From the warehouse to the leadership team, we’re always thinking about how we can take care of the customer.”

Wireless Supply, while still growing and evolving, recently launched a new corporate logo, marking a change in its visual identity. Using an updated version of the company’s iconic wireless signal mark with a new vibrant green and black color scheme, the new logo reflects “a powerful, energetic corporate brand.”

“Our new logo better communicates what Wireless Supply stands for and differentiates us from our competition,” said Hall. “We’ve maintained the important concepts of our identity that tie into the industry and to our focus on quality, but we’ve changed it to create a more modern aesthetic that emphasizes our commitment of fast delivery and higher standards of customer service. Green means go! We’re growing fast, and we’re helping our customers do the same.”

And when it comes to 5G, Wireless Supply is ready. “The emerging technology that is 5G is a game changer, and we’re ready to rock and roll with our DAS products,” added Hall.

Wireless Supply is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with a facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. If your business is ready to “Go Green” with your next DAS project, contact Wireless Supply by visiting https://wireless-supply.myshopify.com/.

May 7, 2019

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