Woman Runs for Congress on Anti-Cell Tower Platform


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Liz Barris is running for Congress in Los Angeles’ District 33, a seat currently held by incumbent Ted Lieu (Democrat). The primary will be held on March 3. Barris claims she was “legally disabled” by wireless electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell towers, cell antennas, WiFi, smart meters, and all wireless radiation devices and infrastructure. She stated her opponent, Ted Lieu, is compromised by financial donations to his campaign.

“Congressman Ted Lieu took $507,096 from the communications industry and $105,061 from the defense industry (defense industry is behind geoengineering),” Barris said on her campaign site. “So when Congressman Lieu speaks of steps he is taking to deal with climate change, he will take only the steps he is ‘allowed to take,’ which includes ANYTHING except dealing with the non-stop climate havoc wreaked by geoengineering.”

“I was given cancer by some cell antennas on a rooftop near my apartment in Santa Monica,” Barris wrote on her website. “You can read more about my story on the About page of [her campaign website] and you can also watch a video on our lawsuit against 5G and the FCC on that page.” 

Barris said her health challenges caused her to quit her job, sleep in her car, and cut her off from “normal” society due to dodging radiation and emissions. She hopes to raise awareness of her condition while also implementing protective legislation, particularly regarding the imminent rollout of 5G. 

Candidates on the ballot include:

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