Xplornet to Launch New Mobile Wireless Service in Manitoba

New competition is coming to Manitoba’s mobile services market, according to the Montreal Gazette.  Xplornet Communications, one of Canada’s leading broadband service providers, today announced its intention to enter the mobile wireless business in Manitoba.  Xplornet will leverage its experience delivering fast, affordable wireless broadband services across Canada to launch a new mobile service, offering more mobile choice to all Manitobans.

Xplornet intends to create a state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure throughout Manitoba using the latest Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology to offer both mobile and fixed broadband services. This new innovative network will be designed to give Manitoba consumers the ability to connect to what matters to them either at home or on the go using the latest mobile devices.  The network expansion builds on Xplornet’s history of deploying wireless broadband infrastructure that began over a decade ago. 

“This advancement in our business is an important milestone in Xplornet’s mission to connect Canadians, regardless of where they live, with fast, affordable wireless services,” said Allison Lenehan, President and CEO of Xplornet.  “We believe there is an opportunity to provide more value to consumers in Manitoba.  In the months ahead, we look forward to introducing Xplornet to new mobile customers while building on our long-standing heritage in Manitoba.”

Today’s announcement occurs in parallel with the approval of the acquisition of Manitoba Telecom Services Inc. (MTS) by BCE Inc. (Bell) from the regulatory authorities, including the Competition Bureau and the Government of Canada.  To grow and sustain its mobile and fixed broadband operations in Manitoba, Xplornet will acquire an incremental 30 MHz of spectrum and receive access to valuable resources, including certain wireless infrastructure, six retail locations and roaming access on Bell Mobility’s network. In addition, Xplornet will be welcoming 24,700 new mobile customers from Bell MTS when the company launches its mobile wireless service in Manitoba in the coming months.

Xplornet will be finalizing its plans in the months ahead and will make additional announcements regarding its service launch in the near future.

February 17, 2017


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