Zoning Board OK’s Two Proposed Tower Locations Based On Search Rings


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Discussions between Amsterdam city officials and company representatives of Mobilitie appeared to be moving forward, as the company received positive feedback from local officials in response to two search rings they submitted for the proposed tower locations, reports The Recorder.

Third Ward Alderman Chad Majewski spoke optimistically about the possibility of coming to an agreement over the location of the two structures, but also emphasized his responsibility to keep citizens’ concerns in mind during the siting process.

“This aerial map is a very good indication of the spots where we could look,” Majewski said. “I think we can clearly come to a conclusion and help you with this, but I just think we need to keep our residents in mind, too.” 

Brian Gaudet, permitting manager for Mobilitie, presented the two search rings to the Amsterdam aldermen last week and said that two locations are needed to provide adequate coverage to the area. “The search rings are within a comfort level, we know that if we find something in there that works for both the city and us then I can get it pretty easily approved on our end to move things forward,” Gaudet told the aldermen. “We need two, because if we put just one in the middle, we lose that coverage on the other sides,” according to Gaudet. He has said anywhere within the two search rings would work for the structures, however, the company would like to build on public lands to reduce rent costs.

March 15, 2017

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