Fort Hood a Hotbed for 5G Testing


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Fort Hood is set to become a testing site for 5G technology using small cell and DAS infrastructure, reported the Killeen Daily Herald. The post was one of seven U.S. military installations and one of two Army installations named by the Department of Defense to conduct the next generation testing.

“The development of 5G technology at Fort Hood has great potential for both the U.S. Army and our local community,” Killeen Chamber of Commerce President John Crutchfield said in a news release. “By allowing our military to connect faster and at a broader range, 5G will enable the application of technologies that can be implemented in training, on the battlefield and in providing basic services around the post.”

Fort Hood, along with the other bases, were selected due to their ability to provide access to site-spectrum bands, mature fiber, and wireless infrastructure, access to key facilities, plus their ability to conduct controlled experiments, reported the Herald.

According to Crutchfield, no towers are expected to be constructed beyond the post’s boundaries. Currently, there’s no timeline available for the infrastructure installation.

Crutchfield added that the opportunity would benefit the city, exposing it to “vendors who provide the [5G] service.” He also noted that the city is looking into Smart Cities technology. 

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