Land Mobile Communications Asks FCC to Resolve Interference


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The Land Mobile Communications Council (LMCC) Friday urged the FCC to address harmful interference to established private land mobile radio (PLMR) operations that it believes is caused by newly commissioned digital television (DTV) stations. The interference has rendered affected PLMR facilities unusable in certain markets, according to the Council.

The Council is a nonprofit association of organizations that represent the wireless communications interests of public safety, critical infrastructure, business, industrial, transportation, private and common carriers, as well as manufacturers of wireless communications equipment.

The Council says the situation has resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue as customers of commercial systems have been forced to search for alternative communications options. It’s also endangering the safety of employees and is posing a threat to public safety in several urban areas, the Council told the agency. 

DTV stations were moved to new spectrum channels in the broadcast repack so the FCC could auction off 600 MHz spectrum for wireless use. The council claims that in some of the documented interference cases, FCC rules are clear the television broadcasters must remediate any harmful interference. The Council acknowledges several TV stations have taken action.

“In some cases, it is a matter of simply and expeditiously enforcing secondary use rules. However, in other cases, the rules are not as clear about how to resolve the interference as the 30-plus-year-old separation requirements are inadequate for today’s spectral environment,” the LMCC told the agency. The LMCC seeks a meeting with the Commission “to elevate the agency’s awareness of this detrimental interference and to collaboratively identify appropriate resolution measures.”

The Enterprise Wireless Alliance supports the council’s action. The group is an FCC-certified frequency advisory committee and leading advocate for business enterprises that rely on wireless communications systems. EWA President Mark Crosby stated the PLMR industry is as vital to the well-being of the U.S as are broadcasters, “even if not as well known. EWA remains optimistic” a solution can be found, he stated.

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