Cellcom Builds Towers in Wisconsin on Tribe’s Dime


Cellcom, a regional telco in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan,announced it is continuing to improve cell service for the Stockbridge–Munsee Community in Shawano County, WI, with the help of funds provided by the tribe. Also known as the Mohican Nation Stockbridge–Munsee Band, the entity is a federally recognized Native American tribe formed in the late eighteenth century. 

“Stockbridge-Munsee significantly invested to help enhance wireless service and partnering with Cellcom as a local provider helped us ensure the project was successful,” said Shannon Holsey, Stockbridge-Munsee Community Tribal President.  

The latest additions to the cell coverage include the construction of new cellular towers throughout the area. Stockbridge-Munsee Community contracted with Cellcom’s tower company to construct four cell sites. Cellcom is the first tenant on each of these towers, which were activated in May.

“We appreciate the partnership with Stockbridge-Munsee Community and their dedication of funds to build the tower structures, which allowed Cellcom to invest to expand its network,” said Rick Brooks, CTO and VP of Engineering at Cellcom. “The enhancements allow for coverage to reach further in some rural portions of our service area. We’re already seeing a lot of traffic on these sites, reaffirming the need.”

The first portion of the project focused on enhancing coverage in and near North Star Casino. Stockbridge-Munsee Community invested in a wireless in-building system. Cellcom was the first tenant on the system which went live in December of 2023.

Cellcom also enhanced coverage just outside of North Star Casino with a rooftop cell site on the building. Stockbridge-Munsee Community leased the wireless provider space for this location which went live in February of this year.

By J. Sharpe Smith, Inside Towers Technology Editor

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