City Rejects Verizon Tower Proposal After One Hour Debate


Smyrna, Georgia’s city council recently rejected a proposal for an 140-foot Verizon Wireless cell tower, reported the Cobb County Courier. Council members vetoed the tower due to its proposed location near historic neighborhoods and objections by residents.

The tower was to improve LTE coverage and provide faster mobile internet service, according to attorney Jenna Lee from Troutman Sanders, representing Verizon.  She said the company received complaints from cell users in the area and presented coverage maps showing weak service in the immediate area of the proposed tower. “Verizon’s activity is driven by demand,” said Lee. “We always try to find the best possible location.”

Some residents also opposed the tower project due to health concerns, traffic, decreased property values and a potentially negative effect on economic development. Additionally, an anti-tower petition including 264 signatures was presented to the council.

After an hour-long debate, Council member Maryline Blackburn rejected the proposal and the council denied the tower request.

February 9, 2018

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