Colorado Gets $113M In Broadband Grant Program Funding


Colorado Governor Jared Polis announced “unprecedented funding for broadband” from the U.S. Treasury’s Capital Projects Fund (CPF) program. According to The Ark Valley Voice, Colorado aims to connect 99 percent of the state by 2027. 

The $113 million in CPF funding will be used, in part, for expanding broadband infrastructure to nearly 19,000 unserved homes and businesses. The south and southwest parts of the state will benefit most significantly from the upgrades since the majority of unserved and underserved locations are in those areas.

The broadband funding doesn’t stop with CPF, though. The Ark Valley Voice reported that the state would also award further broadband funds from other federal partners, including $826 million from the BEAD programs. The Colorado Broadband Office manages grants. Its Advance Colorado Broadband grant program plans to deploy over $500 million in federal money to fund projects.

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