Company Profile: Ontegrity


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Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.01.18 PMOntegrity provides intelligent facility management solutions to companies for which “off” is not an option. Its IoT-enabled monitoring applications, predictive analytics software and professional services monitor, analyze, service, and manage critical facility infrastructure. According to the company website, more than 100,000 facilities use Ontegrity’s solutions to predict and prevent operational failure, thereby increasing uptime, lowering costs, and increasing customer satisfaction.
Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.01.21 PMInside Towers spoke with CEO Jonathan Quint about the company’s name change, 2016 goals and his talk at the @ThingsExpo/Cloud Expo in New York.
Ontegrity’s founding name was BatteryCorp since 1999, however Quint said the company has evolved three times since then. The first incarnation was as battery distribution; the second incarnation lasted into the mid-2000s, and that business is still present and thriving. It consists of managed services for telecom carriers.
“We provide not just battery installation, but also installation of other DC power equipment, preventative maintenance of HVAC systems, generators and other things. So, we became more of a power company,” Quint said.
Quint presented “Harness IoT and Predictive Analytics for Efficient and Reliable Operations” at the @ThingsExpo/Cloud Expo in New York’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in June, focusing on how to leverage the predictive ioT and analytics in order to perform what we call data driven maintenance.
While they loved the BatteryCorp name, about five years ago, they started to think about the next phase of the company. They made the decision to strategically become more technology oriented and to create solutions that could move beyond telecom. Ann Hamann was hired as vice president of marketing in 2013, and one of her initial objectives was to devise a plan for rebranding. With the right timing and the right people, Ontegrity was born with a reflection of a focus on helping companies keep mission critical facilities running without fail.
Quint said by using the technology developed through the people and expertise the company has with equipment and software, the solution helps provide visibility into the actual working status and condition of the equipment. Then they are able to provide insights and actionable information to maintain equipment and minimize expenses in a proactive fashion.
This plan folds into other goals for Ontegrity heading into the second half of 2016 for the wireless industry. In terms of towers, one of its goals is to extend its ensemble products from being an HVAC system expert to a process that can monitor all of the critical equipment at a cell site as a macro cell site.
“We actually have some pilots coming up this second half of the year with a couple of the very large carriers,” Quint said.
Ontegrity also plans to expand into the data center market, which a distinctive confidence in HVAC solutions. He said one of the key challenges in the wireless industry is that as carriers transition to 5G technology, consumers are trying to cut costs and be more ‘green.’ Ontegrity’s ensemble system is a solution, with a lowered risk of down time and expenses because it requires fewer truck rolls. The technology tells you when you need to schedule a preventative maintenance visit, eliminating the need for a regular calendarized schedule.
“Energy savings is something that’s becoming more emphasized by the customers,” he said. “And one way that they’re achieving that, of course, is that the newer technology equipment is generally smaller and uses less electricity. They still have a lot of legacy equipment, and I think for Ontegrity one of the keys is to continue to work with our customers to make their use of both legacy and cutting edge technology more energy efficient in helping to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s something that the customers are starting to keep track of. It’s an additional benefit that we are looking to provide for them, and we see it as a challenge to see if we can help them optimize that.”
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