CTIA: 5G Means Ramping Up Tower Climber Recruitment


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“Cell tower climbers are essentially the backbone of today’s connected world,” notes CTIA in a recent blog post. They are more in-demand with the advent of 5G and the industry, which is ramping-up recruitment of cell tower engineers and technicians, according to the association.

“Cell tower technicians install transmission equipment components, including antennas or antenna mounts, transmission lines, surge arrestors, connectors and tower-mounted amplifiers,” writes former CTIA Government Affairs and Communications employee Carson Pinney. “Tower climbers also ensure all antennas are level, hardware is tight, hangers are properly fastened, proper supports are in place and adequate weather proofing has been installed.”

Upcoming 5G deployments mean that instead of climbing traditional macro towers, workers are increasingly focused on installing small cells on utility poles, street lights and the sides of buildings. At the same time, the wireless industry is also deploying more drones to help climbers perform routine inspection tasks safely and more efficiently, according to Pinney.

August 24, 2018