DAS Used for Broadcast Events, Too


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Jetwave Wireless President Jim Dugan discussed advanced concepts in television production using wireless integration at last week’s meeting of Chapter 37 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers. He discussed band-planning, spectrum and developments in RF-over-fiber for complex studio environments and events.

His Alexandria, VA-based company specializes in DAS for production wireless. Before this job, Dugan handled wireless mic use for events on the Golf Channel for nearly a decade. “Golf is all about fiber and DAS,” he said. He developed a telescopic aluminum tower and broadcast truck for live events.

In 2007, he developed a Distributed Antenna System based on RF-over-fiber. It was used for events such as the Superbowl halftime shows, the Academy Awards and other high-profile live broadcast events.

Now, his company manages spectrum for clients for their wireless mic needs. Discussing the benefits of RF integration and production DAS, he said: “RF inventory is a shared resource, enabling scalable inventory and remote monitoring. This type of system is also spectrally efficient,” he said.

Managed spectrum from 470 MHz to 600 MHz, and the 600 MHz to 698 MHz range, offers a lower noise floor, improved range, scalability and lower integration costs, he added. The upper half of the UHF spectrum was auctioned in the broadcast incentive auction, which means broadcasters that have wireless mics in that spectrum need to find alternatives, according to Duggan. His company looks for that alternative spectrum.

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November 20, 2018

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