David Biribauer Knows How to Overcome Obstacles


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Veterans Day: Marines

For David Biribauer, transitioning from the Marine Corp to the civilian job market has been a bit of an obstacle course, but he’s used to those. Biribauer said after leaving the service, he was faced with finding a job in the middle of a pandemic. Not willing to settle for “just a job,” he began looking for a position that provided security as well as benefits with the potential for advancement, or “upward movement” as he put it. His ‘gung-ho’ spirit instilled by the Marines came in handy knowing they trained him to excel and remain optimistic.

Following a training stint via Warriors4Wireless (W4W), Biribauer is now a Field Tech for MetroRF. He said the entire process with W4W helped him make a quick transition.

“The entire time from applying, going to training, getting hired and working was just over a month and a half for me. Now I know that I will always have a job in this field because of the tools and experience I was given. The only regret,” Biribauer said, “is that I didn’t learn about this job sooner and gotten my foot in the industry before.”


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