Defining Tower vs. Pole In Central PA


Springfield Township supervisors held a public hearing Tuesday night related to upgrading cell phone tower and antenna requirements, according to the Allied News. Amendments to the existing plan met with the approval of the Township Planning Commission.

Planning consultant Rick Grossman said, there’s a “growing complexity” to the town’s telecommunications solutions and the current municipal zoning ordinance doesn’t address new options. For instance, Grossman proposes in the amendment that antennaed structures over 50 feet high be defined as a tower, rather than a pole. “Towers,” then, won’t be placed in a public right-of-way or in front of someone’s home and antennas would require a set back or camouflage treatment to garner approval. Alternative structures, like water towers, would be encouraged for antenna locations.

“The goal of good zoning is to seek balance,” he told the News.

April 11, 2018

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