Inside Towers Targets is a new digital offering that allows you to target your customers and prospects strategically with a metrics-based approach.

Keyword Search Retargeting

1. A user performs a search. 

2. Our software shows an ad based on the keyword searched. 

3. The user clicks on the ad and converts. 

Site Retargeting

1. A user visits a website and browses but leaves the site without converting.

2. We show the user an ad based on the pages they viewed as they performed other online activities.

3. The user clicks on the ad and returns to the advertiser’s site and converts. 


Advanced location-based mobile advertising technology for targeting users based on specific geographic areas.

Competitor Targeting serves ads to potential customers who have recently visited your competitors’ locations. You can then measure how many of those customers have visited your own location.

Event Targeting allows you to build an audience based on a geo-fence. Advertisers can target a custom, niche audience of users who attend a specific event (e.g. trade shows) and serve ads to those users for up to 30 days following the event.

CRM Targeting

Bring your offline data online. Upload data from an existing database of names, email or postal addresses, to directly target those users as they surf the web.

For more information or a custom proposal:

Megan Reed | Marketing Director | 203.733.5943

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