Douglas County Turns Down AMT’s 20K Bonus For Cell Tower Lease Extension


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As more and more wireless carriers are working to expand their networks, the need for more cell towers in strategically placed locations is becoming apparent. This is why tower companies are looking to secure their leases for longer periods of time to ensure they will continue to produce revenue. In Douglas County, Georgia American Tower Corporation tried to extend their lease on a cell phone tower for 20 years for $20,000; however, the Development Authority of Douglas County refused this offer because they know that the location of the tower is prime real estate.

American Tower currently pays $720 a month to rent the space where the tower is located, which is west of Atlanta near a population center on high ground so the signal reaches further. The DADC isn’t willing to sign away a 20-year lease when they know the value of the property is going to increase. More and more tower companies are trying to lock in their current price for long-term leases.

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