From the Editor: The Non-Show Trade Show


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This week while you were all working, I was playing golf, not “hooky” as I have a daily newsletter to get out, but thanks to a three-hour time change and an understanding staff of co-workers you hardly noticed, right?  I was at an invitation-only wireless retreat concocted by a few industry insiders (who wish to remain nameless) in Tucson, AZ called “The Signature.” The refreshing thing about this low-key gathering is that there is no agenda as far as instruction or education or panels to be on or see.  It’s a trade show minus the show….in shorts and sandals. Golf and outdoor activities are followed by social outings. Poolside cocktails take the place of “breakout sessions.” Yes, cards get exchanged, issues get discussed maybe even a business deal or two gets made but that is not the raison d’être here at the Westin La Paloma Spa and Resort. While the founders hope to, modestly, grow the event with perhaps another 80 people or so, Kari Willis, President of E-Factor has the precarious job of handling PR for the event, this is it’s second year, by NOT promoting it.

So far the golf has been great (if you don’t mind the “dry” triple-digit heat) and the comradery and lack-of-agenda format has been a rejuvenating experience as we head back into the badge-centered business of doing business. (Next stop: TowerXchange Meetup Americas, Boca Raton.)​

Maybe Kari will tell you where it will be held next year.  Maybe not.
June 8, 2019

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