Ericsson, Mediatek Test 5G in 6 GHz Band


With the 6 GHz band on the agenda of the World Radiocommunication Conference in December, Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and MediaTek are stirring up support for a spectrum allocation in the band. The two performed an interoperability test on the 6 GHz licensed 5G band using the 3GPP-defined n104 band (6.425 – 7.125 GHz).

“The Ericsson and MediaTek demo shows global ecosystem support for 6 GHz licensed 5G band mid-band spectrum delivers high-capacity 5G wide-area coverage,” said Per Beming, Head of Standard & Industry Initiatives at Ericsson. 

The GSM Association said it supports additional spectrum, noting that 5G networks will require, on average, 2 GHz of mid-band spectrum per country by the end of the decade. “The 6 GHz band is a critical resource and, in many countries, the only one,” the Association said. “Additional mid-band frequency range is needed to secure 5G innovation and socio-economic benefits in wide-area environments.”

The 600 MHz call was made with a MediaTek prototype test handset and an Ericsson base station. Additionally, Ericsson has commercial 3GPP radio solutions in the pipeline, ready to be deployed once the licensed spectrum is made available, based on market demand.

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