Executive Changes for China Tower Corporation Limited


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The board of directors of China Tower Corporation Limited said Gu Xiaomin has been appointed as the general manager of the company. The board also announced that Tong Jilu, Chairman of the Board, Executive Director and General Manager, has resigned from his position as General Manager by reason of “work adjustment” effective June 10.

Jilu’s other positions with China Tower remain unchanged. Xiaomin, age 55, has been a deputy general manager since August 2014 and chairman of the labor union since June 2017. The board further announced that Liu Guofeng has been appointed as a deputy general manager of China Tower. His term as deputy general manager was effective June 10 and will end when the second session of the board expires. Guofeng, aged 49, has been general manager of the operation and maintenance department of the company (formerly known as maintenance department, renamed as operation and maintenance department in December 2018) since October 2016. He joined China Tower in August 2014 and has been general manager of the Jiangxi branch, general manager of China Tower’s maintenance department, and general manager of the Henan branch.

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