FCC Auction Participants


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FCC Auction Participants
The FCC determined that five applications were incomplete and not acceptable for the auction. There were submitted by KURIAN, THOMAS K., Laboral Data Systems, Liberty Spectrum Inc., Wendl, Lisa, and Wire, G-
The FCC accepted 99 other applications that it said met the requirements of the auction to participate. They are:

Agri-Valley Communications, Inc. AT&T Spectrum Holdings LLC Beachfront Wireless, L.P.
Ben Amor, Farid E
BlueBird America LLC Bluegrass Consortium Bluewater Wireless II, L.P. Bratcher, Montel
CC Wireless Investment, LLC
Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless
Cellular South Licenses, LLC
Channel 51 License Co LLC
Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation
Chou, Jean
Citizens Telephone Company of Hammond, NY, Inc. Corrin, Lois B
CT Cube, L.P.
CWW Consortium
Dawnlight Communication Inc
Deihim , Fardad
Docomo Pacific, Inc.
E. Ritter Communications Holdings, Inc.
East Kentucky Network, LLC
Elliiott, Terri A
Eureka Global Telecom, Inc.
Falcon Spectrum LLC
Farmers Telephone Cooperative, Inc. FIgliolini, Johnny
GCE WS Holdings Inc
Gibson, Zenolia
Gold Spectrum, LLC
Harris, Michelle J
Hulce, James C
Inland Cellular, LLC
Iowa RSA 2 Limited Partnership Jones-Leslie, Melvina C
K2 Wireless, LLC
Keller, Nancy
Knight, Ron
LICT Wireless Broadband Company, LLC Limitless Mobile, LLC
Lopez, Sharon
Lumumba, Jawara K
Mach FM Corp.
Mark Twain Communications Company May-Barlow, Gwendolyn
McCotter, James E
Millner, Dianne
Millner, Jeff
Mutual Telephone Company of Sioux Center, Iowa NE Colorado Cellular, Inc.
NEIT Services, LLC
NewLevel, LLC
Nicodimos, Azieb
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company Northern Valley Communications, LLC Nova Wireless LLC
Nsight Spectrum, LLC
Omega Wireless, LLC
Pacific Comnex, Inc.
Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc. Parker, Barbara J
ParkerB.com Wireless L.L.C.
PBP Consortium
Pine Belt Cellular, Inc.
Pine Cellular Phones, Inc.
Pioneer-Nex-Tech Wireless-Rural Tel Consortium Plateau Telecommunications, Inc
Polar Communications Mutual Aid Corporation Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc.
RDGG Investment Corporation
Rolling Hills Entertainment, LLC
RSM Wireless, LP Rushing, Doryce Sagebrush Cellular, Inc. SAL Spectrum, LLC
SI Wireless, LLC
Smith Bagley, Inc.
Social Capital Rama Spectrum Holdings LLC Spectrum Financial Partners, LLC
Spotlight Media Corp., Inc.
STG Wireless Licensee, LLC
T-Mobile License LLC
Talley, Gregory M
Talley, Kyla
Talley, Marlon B
Teleguam Holdings, LLC
The Alaska Wireless Network, LLC Tradewinds Wireless Holdings, LLC
Triangle Communication Systems, Inc.
TStar 600, LLC
Union Telephone Company
Wade, Barbara J
Washington, Donzella
WCTA Wireless, Inc.
Zephyr Spectrum Fund I LP