FCC Suspends T-Mobile-Sprint Review Again


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The FCC paused its merger review shot clock again for the proposed merger of T-Mobile and Sprint, to review new material not previously in the record. The action comes ahead of tomorrow’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on the transaction.

The agency said the carriers filed “substantial new submissions,” including their network integration plans for 2019-2021 and more information concerning their fixed wireless broadband services. The Commission said it needs time to sift through the data and reach conclusions about the deal.

The FCC stopped the clock as of March 7, and seeks public input on the carriers’ new economic analysis by March 28 (to docket 18-197.) Absent more new material, the Commission plans to resume its shot clock April 4.

The carriers initially filed applications last July. The agency previously paused its informal 180-day merger review shot clock two times.

March 11, 2019

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