Flower Mound Says “No” to Tower Blooming on Church Property


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A request by Verizon for a permit to build a tower at a local Episcopal church was denied last week by the Flower Mound, TX Planning and Zoning Commission, according to the CrossTimbers Gazette.

Designed to be 130-feet tall, the relative height of the local water tower, the site was requested for use by a single-carrier, Verizon.  The town stipulated they wanted it used by multiple carriers. They are considering an application by AT&T for small cell deployment on existing utility poles.

The proposal was defeated by a 4-to-1 vote by commissioners, with the only dissenting vote citing a concern that “people might need to go outside their homes to place 911 calls in an emergency,” the Gazette reported.

Verizon will appeal the decision at an April 16 Town Council meeting.

March 19, 2018

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