Focus On Carrier, Take Long Term Approach to Growth


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There are no overnight success stories in the wireless business so plan for a long term investment. At least that’s the take from Ronald Mudry, a guy with 29 years of experience in the business and the founder, CEO and president of Tower Cloud.

“We are expanding out our business and looking at all the needs of wireless carriers,” Mudry said during a Thursday executive roundtable on “The State of the Wireless Ecosystem & Small Cell Forecast 2015-16.” Tower Cloud has grown dramatically, mostly in the southeast part of the country and he advised fellow panelists “you’ve got to know how to address the needs of the wireless carrier. It takes a long term view to make this happen.”

Rich Ruben, VP of PEG Bandwidth, said his company is “doing what we can to make additional capacity available. We are building dense fiber that will support all levels of bandwidth. This is about the explosion of bandwidth.” PEG’s goal, said Ruben, is to provide “turn-key solutions” adding that PEG is looking to add rural markets. “We are a financially-driven business and looking for a model that multiple carriers can support.”

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