Ronald Tucceri is an attorney and sole proprietor whose practice is all about towers and wireless infrastructure. He only represents tower owners, DAS neutral host providers, related vendors, and landowners. Tucceri spent nearly 10 years working for two wireless infrastructure companies where he focused on all aspects of the business. In 2011, he set up his own office with a partner, and in 2014 he decided to set up a solo proprietorship focusing exclusively on wireless. Tucceri provides a number of services, including securing land rights for tower companies buying or leasing land, as well as construction and colocation agreements and the purchase of existing assets. He also works with neutral host DAS providers and companies developing small cells. “I like the challenge, and I really, really enjoy working with clients to try to get the right deal for them and knowing that they understand and minimize risks,” Tucceri said. “It’s fun to be in an industry that is so involved with so many people’s lives. I love being in the wireless industry as it grows and evolves.”

He also enjoys being a sole proprietor who can’t and won’t pass off any aspect of the deal with the client to an anonymous associate. He has worked with clients nationwide, from small upstarts to large companies. “What I realize more and more is that clients want more specific advice with respect to their projects,” Tucceri said. “They want more than just a legal answer, they want recommendations based on my experience.”