G-force: Streamlining and Standardizing Wireless Infrastructure Buildout


Wireless carriers need to build out their tower sites quickly and cost-effetively so they can start generating revenue. That is where GreenLancer’s newly expanded telecom division, G-force, comes in. The G-force web application offers telecom contractors, tower owners and wireless carriers an online tool that streamlines reliable telecom site acquisition, design solutions and professional engineering, offering same-day turnaround from an on-demand network of vendors.

GreenLancer has helped complete over 100,000 projects utilizing 4,000 contractors in the solar industry. Two years ago, they realized this model was transferable to the telecom industry. “We don’t hire engineers. We digitize their services, standardize the scope of work, price and delivery to help clients get their telecom solutions fulfilled fast and hassle-free,” says Patrick McCabe, President. “We’re the next evolution of a brick-and-mortar engineering company.”

The G-force web app works for macro cell sites, small cell sites, DAS and fiber. “Wireless customers submit a request, choose what engineering services they need and add them to their shopping cart. Services cover every stage of the telecom lifecycle, from the beginning of the project to post-inspection. There is no guess work because the costs have been pre-negotiated with vendors,” says McCabe.

“Contractors then enter the site and see what projects are available and where they are located,” adds McCabe. The G-force platform serves all 50 states, is available 365 days a year, 24/7, and access is free.

G-force can save customers time when finding resources for a specific job. “There are no internal teams to work through. [With traditional engineering companies] it can take three to four days to get to know one another and discover what a firm’s capabilities are. Getting pricing and legal contracts worked out can take several weeks. G-force has a network of smaller engineering firms that are more nimble than larger companies and everything is standardized beforehand,” says McCabe.

As soon as an order is placed on G-force’s web app, it’s picked up by fulfillment partners. “If one partner is unable to do the project, we have two more waiting in the wings and we can divert the project,” says McCabe. G-force staff have vetted the fulfillment vendors and they consistently collect feedback to better manage their partners.

The onset of COVID-19 has caused businesses to think differently. Companies are realizing that ecommerce can extend into sub-contracting and provide an on-demand stable of talent. “One tower company that we’re working with had never subcontracted anything before COVID-19. They’ve had to right-size their staff and they are now open to outsourcing with G-force,” says McCabe.

With the high volume of work generated by 5G, some larger infrastructure companies may find themselves tapped out.  “We have the capacity standing by through our fulfillment network. Once a customer starts using G-force, the simple, fast, and standardized process compels them to keep using it,” says McCabe. The race to 5G requires denser networks which means more sites are needed. Time is of the essence when it comes to deployment. G-force offers standardized processes which equates to consistency for clients.

G-force can also assist with cell site operations and maintenance. The platform can “see” all addresses in every state, and can locate and deploy subcontractors, ensuring work is done on-site, as required. For busy tower owners, this service can alleviate administrative tasks and expenses.

The company’s focus for 2021 is working closely with tower owners who may be small, family-owned companies with limited staff. “G-force can help them stay on top of everything. We’re building out our catalog of services based on the projects that are coming in and we’re consistently recruiting fulfillment partners. Customers can then engage with them immediately with full confidence,” says McCabe. After two years, McCabe says they better understand the amount of work that goes into maintaining tower sites and the various tower owner obligations.

GreenLancer, G-force’s parent company, is based out of Detroit, Michigan, known for its expertise in manufacturing, “at the intersection of muscle and brain economies,” says McCabe, who is also a mechanical engineer himself. “We’re hardworking, innovative and we want to change the way the industry works.”

G-force is rapidly expanding its network and looking to add new vendors. Director of Marketing Matt Rea recently joined the company and oversaw the G-force rebrand, complete with a fresh logo to reflect the company’s enthusiasm for the wireless space. To learn more or to get involved, visit GreenLancer’s new website or call 1-866-470-6545.


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