Gamma Electronics: From a Cold Call to Cold-Shrink and Cable Innovation


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Gamma Electronics’ launch into the world of telecom was born from a cold call to AT&T. After weeks of digging, National Sales Manager Peter Weyhreter discovered a name buried deep in an industry standard posted online. That name led to another, and Weyhreter made the right contact at the right time: just when the telecom giant needed Gamma’s solutions the most.

“They were having problems with their current weatherproofing; they were using an antiquated EPDM product. It just doesn’t grab down as tight as our silicone does,” he said. “They approved it in 2015 after a gamut of testing, and that launched us right into the telecom lane.”

Some of the world’s leading names punctuate Gamma’s back story. The Pomona, California-based firm was first formed in 2006 and provided cable protection and identification solutions to aerospace and defense industry companies. Bell Helicopter, Lockheed Martin and Boeing all count on Gamma’s products to identify cable assemblies and protect them from water, dust, and other elements. Today Gamma is one of the world’s leading providers of wire and cable identification, connection, conductor, joint, and terminal protection products.

Weyhreter said the company began with heat shrink tubing products, and quickly grew and evolved by innovating solutions to answer market needs.

“We kept developing new products and growing our product line. We walked forward and found new opportunities,” he explained. “Shortly after we introduced cable protection products, we realized there was a big demand for cable identification, so we developed a printer to print directly on heat-shrink material.”

While working with projects like the Bell Boeing V22 Osprey tilt-rotor military aircraft is exciting enough (Gamma’s cable identification products are approved on the V-22), the sky’s the limit when it comes to Gamma’s products for today’s telecom industry.

Gamma’s revolutionary cold-shrink tubing is its signature solution for telecom applications. AT&T’s FirstNet towers use this easily installable, maintenance reducing, IP68-certified protection.

Weyhreter explained how the cold-shrink product works – and how it makes the job so much easier for tower workers.

“It’s different from the heat-shrink world…this material is an extruded silicone, then it’s expanded and placed around a breakaway core. When you pull the cord on the core, then the material shrinks down and grabs.”

See how Gamma’s cold-shrink product works – and its distinct advantage over EPDM Cold Shrink – in this short video.  Weyhreter is particularly excited about a new model of Gamma cold shrink made specifically for NEX10® connectors, with 5G/small cell radios and antennas in mind.

Gamma Electronics Video

The company also produces slide lock enclosures (in widespread use by AT&T); RF weatherproof boots; and heat-shrink tubing printers that create labels for cable identification. The demand for Gamma weatherproofing products has led them into the world of cable assembly, where they manufacture cables packaged with their industry leading weatherproofing products.

To find out more about Gamma’s products, visit or contact [email protected]. You can find Gamma Electronics’ distributors and authorized resellers listed here.

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