By Eleanor Snite

Petzl America provides gear, technical advice and training solutions for working on cell towers and other manmade and natural structures. The company also offers gear and techniques for recreational activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering and cave exploration. Based in Salt Lake City, Petzl America provides specialized training programs in a new Petzl Technical facility featuring a 60-foot tall tower and other interior and exterior training surfaces. Michel Goulet, professional division sales manager, said the training covers professional work at height, tower access and rescue techniques, as well as product-specific courses. Classes are available for all who are interested. Highly specialized equipment manufactured by Petzl includes work helmets, headlamps, harnesses, positioning lanyards and rope fall arrestors, ascenders and descenders.

The Petzl Vertex helmets are made with a solid ABS plastic shell and include a four-point chinstrap design that is comfortable, secure and adjustable. They are adaptable so climbers can wear them with ear protection or communications systems and can accommodate eye protection and a mounted headlamp. The Avao is a full-body harness with five connection points, designed for work at height, positioning, fall arrest and rescue. The I’D is a device that fastens to a rope and helps the user to ascend or descend. An ASAP mobile fall arrestor is used for fall protection and locks on the rope in the event of a fall. The ASAP can be used hands free, allowing the climber to move without constantly tending the device. The Grillon adjustable positioning lanyard is also for workers who need to have both hands free when working on a tower. Petzl America was incorporated in 1991 and is wholly owned by Petzl, which is headquartered in France. Petzl manufactures its specialized equipment and distributes it through a full line of professional dealers. The gear and tools are sold in 60 countries around the world.