Google Fiber Halts U.S. Fiber Broadband Roll-Out


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google fiberGoogle Fiber Halts U.S. Fiber Broadband Roll-Out: While fiber broadband was at one time full steam ahead, the engine has halted at Google. The technology giant announced this week a “slowdown in the development” of its U.S. fiber broadband roll-out, according to telecompaper. The big picture shows the company plans to look at alternate access technologies for areas that were seen as just potential, while still rolling out in cities where deployment efforts have already begun.

Google told telecompaper that it needs to “refine its approach” while staying “ahead of the curve by pushing the boundaries of technology, business, and policy.”
Head of Fiber Activities/CEO of Access at Google company Alphabet, Craig Barratt, has also resigned via blog after the roll-out cutback news. While saying the fiber business is “solid” in his blog, Bloomberg reported that around nine percent (approximately 130) of the fiber operations staff are being let go. A former executive at the company told Bloomberg, according to telecompaper, that Barratt and Dennis Kish, who run Google Fiber’s day-to-day operations, were in disagreement over the terms of the roll-out, which came down to expansion or the cost of digging up streets.
Published October 27, 2016