Mark Fisher co-founded Heartland Solutions Corp. in 2007 after 12 years of management experience with telecommunication companies and towers. Because of the economy then, Fisher wore many hats, including crew foreman and climber. That experience helped Fisher focused on safety, and he drills it into all employees.

“Our motto is safety, quality and efficiency,” said Fisher, who is president and owner. “We put a strong focus on safety – it’s crucial in the running of our business.”  Heartland has grown significantly since then and is headquartered in Camby, Indiana, on 3.5 acres in a 24,000 square-foot building. Heartland does safety training at the facility and it’s also used by CITCA LLC and Comtrain USA, well-known climbing and rescue training companies.

Heartland provides a wide range of services for all types of projects. Raw land construction, tower modifications and inspections, cell site maintenance, DAS and small cell installation, tower and carrier decommissioning and microwave installation, alignment and trouble shooting, and many more. A new addition to the company is a Tower on Wheels. The TOW folds flat and is driven to a location on a trailer. It rotates to a maximum height of 150 feet and is handy when a carrier needs to relocate temporarily to another structure without any down time.

While Heartlands is primarily in the Midwest, it has clients and projects on the East Coast, as far west as Kansas and one project in Hawaii. Fisher has a five-year plan to increase business east of the Mississippi River and in the southern part of the United States. The company is also starting to gain momentum within the small cell industry.