High-Volume Production Helps 5G Deployments


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Raycap | STEALTH expands its production capability for fully-integrated, small cell poles 

The addition to the South Carolina facility wasn’t even complete when orders started rolling in. “We’re prepared for small cell deployments to be high-volume,” said Trey Nemeth, General Manager, of Raycap | STEALTH. “With our new steel pole production facility open, we can keep up with this demand and make large or small deployments a breeze.”

Raycap offers a line of versatile, concealed, small cell poles marketed under its STEALTH brand. These poles can be fully- or partially-integrated. And they can be fully-, partially- or un-concealed.

Raycap | STEALTH also offers many specialized radio and antenna pole mounts and other hardware, such as shrouds, to accommodate small cells in locations with existing poles. Designs work with 4G, 5G, or a combination of equipment, based on customer needs.

A fully-integrated light pole can come assembled and wired with the radios, antennas, power meter, cooling control, power distribution including surge protection, and any other equipment required to complete the small cell site.

“These options work especially well in public rights-of-way,” explained Nemeth. “Installations happen faster, so road closures and detours are minimal. Landowners, carriers, and commuters can all appreciate that.” Optional pre-fabricated foundations also help speed up deployment.

Exceptional STEALTH Concealment

STEALTH Concealment Solutions pioneered concealment industry in 1992. When Raycap acquired STEALTH in 2018, those decades of experience combined with Raycap’s integration knowledge to solve the challenges of small cell pole design.

“Light poles require precision—these structures aren’t five stories up on a building,” Nemeth said. “Pedestrians and cars pass right by. They should look great up close.”

The new facility uses a state-of-the-art pipe plasma cutter to achieve accuracy and consistency of design. It creates an amazingly clean-cut product—practically seamless. “The quality is excellent for a high-visibility concealed structure,” said Nemeth.

With a variety of powder-coated colors, decorative bases, luminaires, and other attachments, poles are customizable to blend with existing light poles and structures.

InvisiWave™ for 5G

Concealment materials have always focused on RF performance, but it’s particularly important when it comes to 5G. Raycap | STEALTH’s proprietary concealment material, InvisiWave™, helps carriers disguise their 5G roll-outs.

InvisiWave™ is suitable for the sensitive 5G mmWave bands with minimum dB lossand pattern distortion. It has been tested and approved for sub-6GHz, 24 GHz, 28 GHz and 39 GHz.

Deploy small cell sites faster

With many attractive combinations, Raycap | STEALTH small cell poles fit into any pre-existing environment, making approvals from jurisdictions easier.

Whether a single pole or 200 poles are needed, in fully-integrated, partially-integrated, or non-integrated configurations, Raycap | STEALTH can help streamline the deployment process for you.

See how Raycap can solve your concealment and deployment challenges at www.stealthconcealment.com.

September 24, 2019

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